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Dean of Student Affairs

Professor, Sheng-Meng Wang



B.A.                       Central Police University (Criminal Investigation)

M.A.                      National Tsing Hua University (Chemistry)

Ph.D.                    National Tsing Hua University (Chemistry)

TEL: 03-3282321#4145





Ethics Cultivation Section


Develop and shape the implementation of the students 'personality, strengthen students' ethical education, in order to achieve the school motto of "honesty" as an indicator by
To participate in the activities of his plans and apply for Tao Zhu, exercise every student with correct thinking, broad bearing, honest and upright conduct
Bosom and enthusiasm, it could become of intraoperative Germany both excellent police cadres.
Tel :03 -3282321 ext 4147


Athletic Instruction Section

Responsibilities student body skills teaching training, required courses include judo, wrestling, shooting and consolidated arrests surgery in recent years to promote the police use
Diversified skills, so additional elective courses such as taekwondo, kendo and tai chi.
Tel :03 -3282321 ext 4149


Extracurricular Activities Section

Counseling, assessment and evaluation of the student club activities; the Societies equipment requisitions, issuance and management; handle the Societies cadres Seminar; office tournament reasonable four in five schools; club activities organized by the student associations counseling and assessment.
Tel :03 -3282321 ext 4202




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  • Ethical Cultivation Section

Tel : 03-3282321 ext. 4147
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  • Athletic Instruction Section

Tel : 03-3282321 ext. 4149
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  • Extracurricular Activities Section

Tel : 886-3-3282321 ext. 4202