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2016 CPU Winter Study Tour
publish date : 2016-06-17
Since August 12th, 2005, CPU and University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) signed the sister-school agreement, CPU has brought students to UHD in the aim of boosting academic exchanges, promoting bilateral interaction, and broadening students' international perspectives.

From January 18th to February 7th 2016, CPU assistant Professor Gao, Da-Yu brought 20 CPU students to Houston, U.S to attend English language learning courses, and visit National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Houston Police Department (HPD), Houston Police Department Northeast Patrol Division(HPD NE), City Court, 8th Fire Station and so on.

A student of the study tour, Liu, Heng-Wei, delivered a short speech in English at the training completion ceremony. “It was a precious chance to have classes with students from different countries while communicating, and learning many linguistic and professional experiences with them”, Liu said. The other student Yan, Yu-Han said that she learned a lot about different types of policing between Taiwan and the US in the tour. She felt that the lifestyle in Houston is quite different than that in Taiwan. For example, in Texas it is very inconvenient without a car, and the South American Cuisine is also very different.

Houston Police Department Northeast Branch Chief, Gregory Fremin, mentioned that students were highly involved during the visit. He also pointed out some practical problems, like the function of the equipment and the connection with the community. Chief Fremin said that these students would become future leaders and hoped that they return Taiwan with what they learned, thus make positive impacts in the future.

“Knowledge comes from books and from experience of the world”. Many precious experiences are needed to be personally on the scene in order to deeply appreciate it. CPU students took actions to visit to Houston, not only to enhance languages skill, but to make direct contacts with local criminal justice agencies. Moreover, they get more understandings of the differences of service and facilities in the police offices and fire department between America and Taiwan. Such as fixed service period, immediate crime information collection and connection with the online on-duty police officers, court jury system, and procedure of litigation and so on.

“An ass in Germany is a professor in Rome.” We hope that this trip to University of Houston can raise students’ second language ability, broaden international perspective and be advanced cadre in the future.
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