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Master Lee's Ceramic Exhibition
publish date : 2016-09-14
Central Police University (CPU) hosted an opening ceremony of “celebration activities of CPU’s 80 th anniversary - Master Ren-Yao Lee’s ceramic exhibition” in the CPU art gallery. Master Lee had performed the hand-molding skill during the exhibition.

Master Lee provided 80 pieces of his work for the exhibition so as to match the80 th anniversary of CPU. This exhibition is also the most representative one in Master Lee’s career. Main theme of this exhibition is the series pieces of flying and soaring. The firing process is to heat clay with logs until it reaches 1258 degree Celsius. The round full bottle shape symbolizes the magic of collecting treasures while the inspiration of the creation came from the observation of peaceful doves’ growing process. The outside skin showed the fullness of wing feather and flying high above sky.

Master Lee obtained the art and culture title of the 49 th Ten Outstanding Young Persons while celebrating the founding of Republic of China for 100 years. He has been doing ceramic arts for 30 years and also now hosting his 30-year tournament exhibition of his ceramic creation, which shows the beauty of ceramic art. Master Lee promoted his hand-molding skills with persistence and the courage of surpassing himself. He managed to create the tiny bottleneck with only the radius of 0.01 centimeter, which can only allow a hair to pass through. This does not only started the new culture of progress in technical arts, but also leads the traditional ceramic art into a new level of peaceful beauty both in body and mind. The tiny bottleneck piece was chosen as the championship cup of 2012 Djokovic vs Almagro tennis tournament, which had amazed the champion, Novak Djokovic, whom is also the first rank in Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) men’s tennis at present,.

The students of CPU constantly face serious and hard pressure on both body and mind while working after graduation. The development of art sense and the transition of quality through art might be a proper adjustment for police duties.

This is a rare opportunity that Master Lee came to CPU to exhibit and to perform the hand-molding skill in person. All faculty members and students participated with passion.
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