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The visit of Chairperson of Cunnningham, the International Association of Chiefs of Police
publish date : 2016-11-04
Terrance M. Cunningham, chairperson of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) , visited president Diao of Central Police University (CPU) on 14 th June, 2016. He exchanged his opinions and experiences with president Diao and CPU faculty.

After Chairperson Cunningham began to serve IACP, his first priority is to enhance police occupational safety and to ensure the police can return home safely. In the past 5 years, 2013 is a year with relatively less casualties of police. The annual police fatalities was 111, which includes 46 deaths of traffic accidents, 33 deaths of gun shots and the last 32 died of sickness or accidents. In order to avoid such casualties, IACP has continuously searching for a solution, recording duty education video tapes in response to the traffic accident death situation, and holding various discussions for use of anti-bullet vest and enhance alert trainings to prevent gun-shot injuries. US Police suicide and mental health seminars were also held at the same time so as to prevent police suicide from happening.

President Diao mentioned at least 500 traffic accidents happened annually, and caused many police casualties. CPU has taken this problem into serious consideration. In order to reduce the police-related traffic accidents, CPU students were trained by the safe-driving program provided by Safe Driving Education Center of Xinzu since 2015. President Diao also established Mental Counseling Center in CPU to take care of the mental health of the students and faculty proactively.

Chairperson Cunningham declared its second priority is to emphasis the legitimacy and procedure justice of law enforcement, mediate the relationship between law enforcement unit and community, and reduce unlawful enforcement. In response to this issue, President Diao cited a scholar’s opinion that External Proceduralism could only be achieved when fundamental work of organizational culture of police unit was carried out. In which case, the Internal Proceduralism must be fully implemented by police cadres. This includes neutrality, respect to colleagues, good and fluent communication, and accountability.

In order to establish organizational culture of CPU, after Diao’s presidency, he held an “Tea Time with President” activity to encourage students to share their lives and learning experience and give suggestions. At the same time, he commands relative duty unit to take charge of students’ affairs by establishing a fair and neutral mechanism to implement student’s merits and drawbacks. Through the above-mentions steps, we hope to mold and practice organizational culture of Internal Proceduralism. Students can feel the importance of Internal Proceduralism while at school and thus form a superior habits and culture.

President Diao also encouraged CPU faculty to studied topics of legitimacy of law enforcement and procedure justice in practical authorities, which can prevent disputes caused by police law enforcement behaviors, the making of influence on public interest or the causes of troubles of work, and enhance the quality of police law enforcement. Chairperson of CPU Police Administration Department, Professor Chao-Yi Huang, wrote a thesis of “Regulations on the Use of Gun and Investigative Mechanism - also on the Use of Other Weapons” was valued by the National Police Agency (NPA).

Moreover, in order to cooperate with the new governmental policy of social security network of “victim centered approaches”, President Diao particularly introduces the following important practical duty acts in Taiwan:

A. Since 2005, a national victim investigation would be held every five years so as to make up the dark figure of crime of official statistics. Three investigations had been held so far.

B. In response to the job of women and children protection, NPA established Women and Children Safety Branch under the Crime Prevention Division of National Police Agency, which allows the safety prevention network to coordinate and cooperate between different ministries.

C. Focusing on the demand of police duty, a SOP of police duty and affair was formulated in order to carry out the procedure justice of police law enforcement.

D. Followed by the installation of new government, a reinforced strategy of victim centered criminal investigation was issued.

In addition to the discussion, Chairperson Cunningham visited CPU facilities, and an insight guide of police education and theory during his two hours stay. Besides, what’s worth mentioning is that President Diao had invited Cunningham’s assistance in our country’s participation in IACP activities, and also to assist our country back to be a part of the IACP. Thus, our police will be able to make broad exchange with countries from all over the world and ensure the safety of our civilians.
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