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The 2015 Calligraphy Exhibition at Campus Gallery
publish date : 2015-07-01
Central Police University held “Calligraphy Exhibition” at the Campus Gallery in activity center on March 27th, 2015; and a total of 184 pieces of calligraphy collection was exhibited. Former president Yan Shih-hsi, the former Dean of Student Affairs Li Chen-Chi and other artists such as Zen Jhong-Jheng, Tao Ching Shan, Jhou Cheng, Dai Pei-Ying, Lyu Shu-Jhen, Li Yi-Hong, Li Yi-Hong gave a writing calligraphy demonstration during the opening ceremony, which brought the incident to a climax.

Former CPU president Yan Shih-hsi, began learning his penmanship from the vice-president of the National Palace Museum, Mr. Jiang Jhao-Shen, at 54 years old. Former president Yan learned Painting and Calligraphy from the former Commissioner of the National Palace Museum, Mr. Wu-Ping in age 72. Yan’s whole life was dedicated in police work; however, he still spent time to improve his self-cultivation through painting and calligraphy so as to relieve stresses from his work. During his service as a president of the school, he put special emphasis on aesthetic education to enhance art conservation of students, and spared no efforts to enhance their sense of beauty, creativity and humane care.

Not only is art the essence of human civilization, but is a good recipe for washing the toil of this mortal world away and enriching our life. CPU students have to deal with serious police work, their physical condition, mind and spirit suffers. Thus, developing a habit of reaching emotional things through truth, goodness and beauty of art to nourish is evitable. Through Art, our temperament can be converted, and the humanities can be developed, and it is also very helpful for their adjustment of police service. The calligraphy exhibition opening time is from March 27 to June 5, 2015(Monday to Thursday, 11:00 to 16:00 and Friday, 11:00 to 14:00).
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