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Speech of Mr. Zhi Long Zhang, CEO of Volkswagen
publish date : 2016-01-06
During the monthly meeting on Friday, November 14 in the Zhong Zheng Hall, Mr. Zhi Long Zhang, CEO of Volkswagen was invited to deliver a speech with the subject of “Embrace the Silk Road - My Dream of Exploration”

Mr. Zhang briefly talked about the whole process of the project for nearly two hours. This project started from nothing to something, advance preparation, fund raising, routes exploration, back-up support, on-way security, and resolve the difficulties of getting the visa from central and west Asia countries in order to make the international team proceed the long run and camping along the road side. Zhang completed the project with persuasive and persistent belief to overcome the challenges and achieve his dream step by step.

When it comes to the time he faced difficult situations, Zhang breezily stated that the most important part was the process which was worth it. The team led by Zhang made a world record by finishing the 10 thousand miles of Silk Road marathon in 150 days crossing 6 countries.

After his speech, CEO Zhang spent few minutes to interact with CPU students and used his three publishing “Embrace the silk road” as awards. With the help of the pictures and music accompanied during his speech, students are impressed by the authentic culture along the Silk Road. CEO Zhang also wished that students of CPU can bravely pursuit their dreams, persist till the dreams come true.
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